Meaning of life

Two articles on the unfashionable but essential characteristic of taking responsibility for one’s actions.

First, from a post on "The Life and Times of Rennie D", by Father Mark Long, on the Adam and Eve story:

"It is tempting to assign the consequential curse and humanity’s exclusion from Eden to Adam and Eve’s disobedience in seeking wisdom (a gift God did not yet believe them ready to receive). However, having gained wisdom, they are cursed and excluded for failing to accept responsibility for their choice and subsequent action. Rather than a punishment dictated by God, this is a consequence brought about by humanity’s unwillingness to accept responsibility.
Much of humanity’s suffering is due not to wrong choice, but to our failure to accept responsibility for those choices … there are neither rewards or punishments, only consequences!"

Second, from today’s Times, in which Richard Morrison writes with insight and truth on one of his regular themes, the disjunct in society on either side of the class divide. Today’s peg is a report on the breakdown of family life, specifically disaffection among teenagers, and how the "media class" just doesn’t get it. Please read the whole article. Here’s the nub, but it is even stronger if you’ve read what comes before:

"All this can be summed up in three words: abdication of responsibility. That applies not only to parents who don’t nurture their children, but also to the influential and powerful middle class that doesn’t want to accept responsibility for sorting out the gross social squalor afflicting those lower down the pile. Such selfishness is so short-sighted. Donne said that no man is an island. Equally, no sink estate is an island. The seeds of bitterness being sown there will tear apart our country if we don’t wake up. The future is not measurably bright; it’s potentially appalling."