Six-word biography challenge

I am enjoying many of the six-word stories currently going the rounds, Caroline of In Search of Adam has invented a twist — the six-word biography. I picked this up at Marie’s blog Deep Thinker. It seems as if you actually get 18 words, as you are allowed three six-word lines.

Caroline’s three six-word bios of herself — pretty good I think:

1. Born 1973. Easily influenced by television.
2. Gets pregnant easily. Has three kids.
3. Teacher. Writer. Mother. Wife. Friend. Tit.

Here are Marie’s, also very neat:

1. Love singing, music, writing, reading, art.
2. I believe I’m a bit psychic.
3. Favourite colours are blue and burgundy.

My effort:

1. Made plans but life happened instead (ack: John Lennon)
2. Takes refuge in books and thoughts
3. What destination for my pilgrim’s burden? (ack: John Bunyan)

I am afraid I am not very witty or indeed original, but did my best. I challenge readers to write your own six-word autobiographies, either in the comments to this post or on your own blogs (in which case, please add a link in the comments).

Thank you.

36 thoughts on “Six-word biography challenge

  1. 1. Chez Davidson, it’s BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS.
    2. My thing: reading and writing them.
    3. Most recent enthusiasms: running, yoga (Iyengar).
    And now I am off to run in my first official race! It’s only five miles, which seems rather a horrible length: long enough to be evil, short enough that you can’t just kick back and run at a comfortable speed. We will see how it goes…

  2. I’m afraid to put my ‘real’ entry on my blog, so I’ll put a pleasant one there and the real one here, Maxine.
    Story seas and mutinees, row on
    Watching shore, bent to the oar
    Safe harbor found, peace and joy

  3. 1 Born 1947. Divorced. Mother. Two daughters
    2 Love Wagner so a bit mental
    3 Dickens Trollope Gaskell Bronte Eliot fan

  4. I came back to read comments and found a typo in my own bio…
    It was supposed to read “stormy seas” not “story seas”. I am so thick.

  5. This looks like fun, though it’s nearing the end of a long shift at work, so my own attempt feels uninspired. At least it’s accurate, which is what we copy editors strive for….
    1. 1960 vintage. Long marriage. Two kids.
    2. Write, draw, garden. Oh, and edit.
    3. Will take time over money anyday.

  6. I like yours Maxine. Everyone else’s efforts are pretty impressive too. Not sure about mine – know I could have done better.

  7. I’ll play:
    Jumped out of perfectly good airplane.
    (And I’ll even say I’m proud of this 6-word effort because the fact it expresses is the exactly right metaphor for my life.)

  8. Wow, what a fascinating collection of people! I’m lost for words, even six of them. (And stop that, Susan (Barr), you are not the t word as well you know.) Story seas isn’t all that inappropriate, anyway.
    Marie, yours is great, less of the modesty. (Nothing Durany or vampiric in yours, though?)
    Isabella: most enigmatic and adventurous.
    But really, I’m blown away by them all – thank you! They are so poetic.

  9. Two companion biographies:
    Worked whole life cancer ends it
    Left world better than found it

  10. This is my six word biography:
    Six words. My biography? Must abridge!
    Brushed my teeth, time for bed.

  11. here’s one… a lament for my lost love:
    He was translating Malatesta. Still is.

  12. My Current Six Word Bio:
    Shrinking violet. Exploited self. Finally expanded.

  13. I forgot love. Love forgot me.
    Followed my heart. Now its broken.
    I wish I was over you.

  14. 1. trying to fix everything – not working.
    2. i’m happy though so who cares?
    3. Things get easier, when everyones smiling.
    4. i’m a virgin, and really proud.
    so yeah, mine.

  15. These are all reall great!
    I had a try.
    Young and naive, but i’m happy.
    Still finding myself, no help needed.
    Sexually experienced, get over it ‘friends’.
    I’ve survived so far. Go me!
    I own a vagina. I’m proud.

  16. Stronger then I thought I was.
    When in doubt, paint your nails.
    Born 1995. Influenced by televison.

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