Under the influence

Well, we’ve had "David Crystal on Language and the Internet" and the spinoff from that,  "I’m Debra and I’m a blogger" plus debate in her comments. You thought that was bad? Now the gloves are off.

"US internet addicts ‘as ill as alcoholics’ ", according to an article in The International Journal of Neuropsychiatric Medicine, and picked up by newscientist.com. (The OWL has commented at the link.)

"Previous research suggests that the majority of “internet addicts” are single, college-educated, white males in their 30s, who spend approximately 30 hours a week on non-essential computer use."

So, how much "non-essential" computer use a week do you admit to? For me, it depends on how you can stretch the definition of "non-essential". Food shopping? Working from home? Buying Christmas presents?  But coming clean and adding up all my computer time not at work (where it is pretty much continuous), I’d say a couple of hours in the evenings, so 10 hours,  which means to be an "addict as ill as an alcoholic" I’d have to do 20 hours at weekends, which I don’t — nowhere near. Phew!

Added later: here’s an example of chronic computer dependence: My Day as a Neanderthal by Scott Adams (posted on a neighbour’s computer).

1 thought on “Under the influence

  1. I love the day as a neanderthal post.
    I can’t even add up how much time I’m on that’s non-essential. I mean, arguably it’s almost all non-essential. *This comment* is non-essential!
    Must go….

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