The Internet sucks (not)

Richard at Science Library Pad writes about a crazy article (not available online, natch) in a magazine called Maclean’s:

"Maclean’s senior editor and national business columnist Steve Maich wrote a cover story.  Let’s see if you can figure out his opinion. Cover: After all the hype, it’s a trillion-dollar disappointment and a haven for cranks, liars and perverts.  The Internet Sucks." Read on at Richard’s post, link below.

Well, even though some of us may be addicted, the Internet is a boon to creativity and a boost to optimism, as I have found — how effectively it allows people of like mind to share ideas, and how useful it is for enabling projects (Minx and Skint’s , to name but one).  And as I mentioned in Richard’s comments, I am more than happy for my daughters to use the internet freely too — I can see how much it has enriched their lives compared with what was available to me in my own childhood, and how educational it is when used judiciously.

As Richard says: "I am really at a loss to understand this bizarre hatchet-job, particularly its "cover story" status."

Link: Science Library Pad: Maclean’s: the Internet sucks.

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  1. Like anything in life, the internet has good and bad points. However, in my opinion it has more good for the reasons you mention, Maxine.

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