Fancy a nice cuppa?

Susan has a new blog! Head on over to Vox to check out The Lazy Woman’s Tea Party. You can read one of the books I’ve reviewed (see Maxine’s book reviews) or browse one of James’ favourites (James Long’s blog) while you put your feet up, sample the brew and pet Susan’s various dogs and weird-looking but cute little animals of indeterminate species.

Feel free to join our Vox neighbourhood at I am pretty sure you can just sign up for one of their blogs, but if not and if you want an invitation, drop me a line in the comments and I’ll send you one. Meanwhile I am off for a second cup, and to wonder how Susan made those steaming cups with cute little hearts on top.

2 thoughts on “Fancy a nice cuppa?

  1. Thank you, Maxine! And thank you for inviting me to join Vox. It’s actually a very attractive and easy-to-use facility, isn’t it?

  2. Damn. Same problem: I dont’ get scrollbars. Well, at least I can subscribe by RSS, but I won’t be able to visit the site like a normal human being, Susan. I so need to upgrade.

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