Bryan Appleyard apologises

I am really getting quite fond of Bryan Appleyard. Here is what’s on top of his blog today:

"I am aware that there have been problems with my site for the past few days. Cyber-wonks are working on this as we speak and all should be well soon. This is to apologise to anybody who has been unable to air urgent thoughts about Cornish pasties, cannibal footballers, Jeffrey Archer, Madonna’s African tot, babyboomers, corporate babble, torture or The Moustache Brothers. All manner of thing shall be well when the server in question has been taken out and shot. Its last cigarette is now lit."

Strange school set-texts

I was alerted to this Guardian article by a "round-up" post at the Elegant Variation.

Link: | Schools special reports | This term, we will be studying Zadie Smith.

From the Guardian piece : " Contemporary writers never used to feature on A-level syllabuses. For years, the nearest most candidates got to a living author were the poems that an elderly TS Eliot or WH Auden had published decades earlier. Even by the end of the 1970s, the most up-to-date fiction studied might be one of the novels published by William Golding in the 1950s. Nowadays things are different. This summer candidates were being examined on Zadie Smith, Julian Barnes and Louis de Bernières. Next summer it will be AS Byatt’s Possession and Michael Frayn’s Spies."

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