Omnipresent but blogless

We were talking about "delightful cross-pollinators" a few posts ago. This same subject came up on the deblog, in that serendipitous coincidental way that makes blogging such a pleasure. Debra referred to her friend "Blogless Michael" in a post about lost TV theme music, so I suggested that "delightful cross-pollinators" is perhaps a more flattering description.

Debra’s response to my comment:

"Has anyone actually *seen* Dave Lull, Maxine? He may just be a computer program."

Well, if he is, he beats any search engine I’ve ever encountered into a cocked hat.

2 thoughts on “Omnipresent but blogless

  1. Couldn’t make the writing big enough to read! Also, people kept telling me the scissors were pink, whereas to me they looked purple. Can’t quite handle the concept of having a pink blog!

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