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I keep on finding interesting items on the internet, yet keep on not finding the time to highlight them here.

One that won’t keep for much longer is the competition for BAFAB week over at Keeper of the Snails: "To write a story of exactly 101 words (not including title) written using words spelt exactly as you say them (e.g. I wint downt laik an got owt me buk. Twas gud buk. I cudnat stop reedin.) The theme is ‘guilty pleasures’." Closing date: Hallowe’en (31 Oct), so you had better get there sharpish. There are quite a few entries in the comments, including (if this tempts you) one by me.

While on the subject of competitions, Crimeficreader brings news of a contest in which "Court TV is asking aspiring crime writers to submit an original idea for a crime fiction novel and sample chapter(s) to be reviewed by a panel of judges (made up of best-selling authors Jonathan Kellerman, Faye Kellerman and Lisa Scottoline as well as publisher Judith Regan).  The winner will receive a book deal with Regan." US only, according to Crimefic.

Crimeficreader also reviews Michael Connelly’s Echo Park here. It sounds from previous reviews as well as this one as if the author is on his usual excellent form. I’m forcing myself to wait for paperback or a good deal on Amazon.

Peter of Detectives Beyond Borders started reading Peter Temple’s Bad Debts and then finished it, reviewing it here. There is some informed discussion in the comments, both about Temple’s books and how to obtain them. Lots of other good things on this blog, for example a review here of a superb history of fictional detectives (one for my Christmas list), and why international crime fiction is special. Thanks for these great posts, Peter.

And while on international crime fiction, Glenn Harper of the blog of that name reviews a new (?) genre — "emigre noir" (or "tourist noir" for the plainer speakers among us).

Oh, and James Ellroy is going like the blazes as guest blogger on the Rap Sheet.

In the wake of, Waterstone’s, who recently ended their online deal with Amazon, have launched a dedicated website. I was alerted to this by Kimbofo at Reading Matters (blog now redesigned in cleaner format — very nice). I’ve signed up but have yet to report any particular benefit compared with other online retail book options.

Here’s a good meme, via Susan Hill’s blog, which I’m not going to attempt to answer in this post but may get around to some time: which six books would you rescue from the fire? You are welcome to add your nominations to the comments here or at Susan Hill  (how lovely that she chose one of my favourites, Clayhanger)— but I am a bit tired of lists just at the moment, still dealing with the never-ending "ten favourite detective authors" one as ‘must includes’ continue to arrive. Not as hard as this one, perhaps, from Lablit: what’s the best science book ever? Not a question I’d like to try to have to answer, though if really pressed I suppose I’d have to say Darwin’s Origin of Species.

From favourites to awards, Big A little a announces the first annual children’s book awards, blog edition. Scroll around a bit and you will find interesting items about "The End", Lemony Snicket fans.

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  1. Thanks for the kind mention. You are surely one of the most gracious souls in all of blogdom.
    I’m glad also that you pointed the way to Glenn Harper’s discussion of tourist noir and emigre noir. I complimented him on the cleverness of those terms, and I suggested one writer for whom emigre might be more appropriate than tourist.
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    “Because Murder is More Fun Away from Home”

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