UK mass blogging day tomorrow

Tuesday 17 October, an ordinary day much like any other of no particular national significance, has been designated a mass blogging day in the UK by the History Matters campaign. UK residents are invited to contribute blogs of their day, which will then be kept at the British Library and other locations as a record of everyday life.

See here for BBC story about blogging day.

See here for the History Matters site and instructions for adding your entry.

History Matters FAQ page.

3 thoughts on “UK mass blogging day tomorrow

  1. Yep, I tried to comment on the history site a couple of times, and could not get on their site. The Times wrote the following day that the site was down for large portions of the day — and that most of the people who did manage to post were schoolchildren and “scivers at work”! Crimefic reader managed it when she got in, though, and posted about it.

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