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From the typepad book store, the Corporate Blogging book. I’ve just got to read that one! (See link at foot of this post.)

Also on blogging books, I recently read The Rough Guide to Blogging. It probably won’t be that useful to readers of this blog, as they know it all already. But it would be a fantastic Christmas/seasonal present for any husbands, wives, lovers, friends, etc who wonder why they never see you any more since you started your blog. It is an easy primer to allow anyone to join in the fun. (I didn’t buy this book either via a blog or via Amazon, incidentally, I found it in a local bookstore — a good week or two before the official publication date and at half the cover price.)

I’ve found another blogging book on Amazon which I have not yet bought becuase the Amazon price keeps fluctuating between 5.99 and 9.23 — every time I get it into my basket it goes up, so I put it back into "save until later", whereupon it goes down again. So I’ll play the waiting game. The title of the book?  No-one cares what you had for lunch: 100 ideas for your blog.

Link: TypePad Blogs – Books: The Corporate Blogging Book.

7 thoughts on “Book blog on blog books

  1. Isn’t there something slightly wrong about a BOOK on blogging? A blog on blogging I can understand, but a book would seem to be a retrograde step.

  2. Just wanted to say excellent title (that last one, I mean). And yes, I see what Bryan means – but I think I know now what my Christmas present is going to be from at least one of my sons now. Just as soon as they see it in the shops. I can imagine them sniggering now.

  3. I think we should blog long and hard about these books without reading them–maybe scanning them, but not thoughtful reading. That’s the nature of the blogsphere, isn’t it?
    I’m with Bryan about it too. My first thought on seeing the lunch book was that if I didn’t read it within six months, a good chunk of it would be irrelevant. I’m more interested in gaining a little income through my blog without, I don’t know, going commercial.

  4. hhmmmm- 100 things to blog about. i suppose might be useful, but for me the point about blogging is to blog about what is currently going on in my head– to get a snapshot of my thoughts at that point in time… not sure i’d want to follow a prescriptive list of what to talk about.

  5. Stick of celery!
    Seriously, I love reading books about blogging — I don’t mind if it is a how-to book, an html coding book, a history of blogging book or a what you had for lunch blog book.
    Which just goes to show that the book-buying world is many and varied.
    I think I probably will draw the line at giving the Rough Guide to Blogging to my non-blogging friends and relations for Christmas, though, as I don’t like to be evangelical.

  6. I’m basically such a nosey person I love knowing what people had for lunch!I think the joy of blogging for me is just writing about what floats into my mind (mostly bookish but some life) down here in a little corner of Devon UK and sharing this lovely bit of the world with the rest of it.

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