Celebrate feminism with a meme!

I’m excited to say that I’ve been tagged for another meme! My second. I’m very grateful to Amy for thinking of me. Please see link at the foot of this post for her answers to the meme: "the five things feminism has given me".

So here are my answers:

1. I’ve got a job that I chose.

2. I don’t have to wash anyone’s socks if I don’t feel like it.

3. Male persons at work have to think twice before they make comments about my personal appearance or tell jokes that would make me feel uncomfortable, or touch me.

4. I can wear trousers. Every day if I want.

5. When I went to university and qualifed for a degree, I was awarded it.

OK, now by the rules of memes I have to tag three other people to do this meme, so I tag: Sian (Ichabod is itchy),  Susan (In over my head) and Lee (Lowebrow) — I hope they are reading because I’m very interested in their answers, and in who they tag.

Link: Amy On The Web » Blog Archive » Celebrating Feminism.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate feminism with a meme!

  1. What has feminism done for me? It has brought a world where all people are given the opportunity to succeed to the best of their ability and desire without regard to their sex. It has given me a world where my daughter can choose what she wants to do with her life and not be limited simply because she lacks a Y chromosome. That’s not 5 things but then I wasn’t tagged! 😉

  2. Thanks, Tom — I was wondering whether I should have tagged some male bloggers — your answers are great. Thanks again. Incidentally, I fequently get the impression that feminism has a bit further to go yet over here to get to the situation you are in in the US. Many city firms ban trouser wearing for women employees, still.

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