Shape of things to come

Via a posting on the deblog, I had a look at a website called Love of Reading, a site containing book information, author interviews, excerpts and so on. (And, incidentally, for those who have been calling Petrona "a bit pink" recently — more purple I would say — if you want pink, go to Love of Reading, which seems to be predominantly aimed at females and hence ( 😉 )  very blushy in tone.) This week is a good time for a visit, as there is an online bookfair starting tomorrow (3 Oct), as highlighted by Debra in her own post.

Love of Reading features a guest blogger, Mark Sarvas, who has not got started yet, so I went to look at his own blog, Elegant Variation. Although I was put off by the explanation for the title "Elegant Variation" in the sidebar, as to paraphrase Woody Allen when asked if he believed in God, "I’m a member of the loyal opposition" on this particular stylistic approach, the current posting is an informative and readable round up of Mark’s three years of blogging, summarising the evolution of "litblogging" over that time, the various online book-related magazines, group blogs and so on. Taken as a whole, Elegant Variation links to lots of literary blogs and events, and seems to have a rich, varied archive for those with the odd few years to spare.

I very much enjoy these "orientation" posts when I find them. When I started blogging last December, I found it difficult to orient myself among all the blogs about my preferred topic of books. Books, Inq. was an early source of stability, but even nine months later I find the types, tone and aims of all the booky blogs somewhat confusing. So the Elegant Variation history lesson and review is extremely welcome, and the blog is being added to my Bloglines list.

Link: The Elegant Variation: THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME*.

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  1. Online book fair!

    You will perhaps have noticed the addition of a banner at the top of the front page here. It links to an online book fair hosted by FSB Associates that’s being held at from October 3rd-5th.

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