Who’s reading what

Right, I’m now going to catch up, and it is only Saturday night! Maybe tomorrow (Sunday), I’ll manage to maintain a holding position, or even nose ahead!

The blogosphere is replete with quizzes and questionnaires, most of them boring, but here’s one that looks good, featured on Books, Words, and Writing: "Mastermind Quiz: Specialist Subject Jane Austen". If I really do get the backlog of life cleared by tomorrow, a non-working day, I might even go to the link Amy identifies to see how I do.

Isabella is being a bit enigmatic about what she’s going to be reading next on the group reading blog, having finished War and Peace. Here she hints it might be Turn of the Screw, but on the reading blog itself, The Red and the Black seems to be in the frame. I await the verdict with interest.

The Millions posts about a new blog on Amazon — for the Penguin Classics. From The Millions post: "The club will read books from the vast Penguin Classics catalog. Two cool things about this: 1. Penguin found the host of the book club, Kathryn Gursky, from a review she wrote of The Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection — yes, she actually owns it — and 2. she picked a fairly obscure book, Fifth Business by Robertson Davies, rather than an obvious Oprah-style pick." And while on the subject of book groups, Borders has launched a reading group website (says Publishers Weekly).

And finally, as they say, I read about a thriller in today’s Times reading group report that was previously unknown to me: Little Face 2. Clearly another one I’m going to have to read.

3 thoughts on “Who’s reading what

  1. Group reading project will definitely be The Red and the Black — proper announcement will be made when I get through work deadlines this week. (Turn of the Screw discussions are just serendipitously happening all over.)

  2. Not sure I would characterise a Robertson Davies as ‘fairly obscure’ although I suppose his books have not been as prevalent as they were in the late 80s / early 90s.

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