Refreshing tree

I just had to call this post "refreshing tree" because I think it is a lovely term. It is what Bloglines now does — it updates your subscriptions in real time instead of each time you refresh your screen, so every time a blog you’ve subscribed to gets a new post, this little grey icon pops up inscribed with the words "refreshing tree". I think that is a lovely title for a blog, but as I can’t think of a topic for a new blog at the moment ;-), I will make it the title of this post [for now…].

[Next day addition to this post: "tree" is what Bloglines seems to call one’s list of blog subscriptions. So when it is updated, they refer to "refreshing the tree". To me this brings to mind the idea of a real tree, under whose shade, perhaps, one could sit when weary and feel refreshed as a result. The term could thus refer both to a continuously updated blog, and to the fact that one might feel stimulated after having read its contents.]

I shall continue in more sensible vein with some news of what I’ve enjoyed reading on the web recently. Keeper of the Snails features one of Clare’s lovely photo essays on her recent trip to Amsterdam for the launch of the Dutch translation of her book –which she enjoyed seeing "in vivo", as she charmingly puts it.

International Noir Fiction features a review of The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo, "a new Scandinavian crime novel". Like the Wallender series of Henning Mankell, it seems to have been translated out of order with its fellows, but even so, it sounds as if it is another book that justifies quarrying the time to read.

The famous Rebecca Blood (of the Weblog Handbook) links to the international crime fiction resources of Waterboro public library.

OK, gotta run, Cathy and Jenny are about to start watching a movie and I’ve agreed to join them.