Bloggers’ and critics’ book passion

Critical Mass carries a report by Jane Ciabattari of the Housing Works book discussion evening that is well worth reading. The link is at the foot of this post, but in true blogging nested style the part I’m quoting here is not from Jane’s excellent report (read it!) but what she says about our friend Frank of Books Inq., who was one of the panellists:

"Frank Wilson in his blog today:"My review this Sunday is of Diane Setterfield’s The Thirteenth Tale. I loved it. Laurie Muchnick did not like it at all. She wasn’t going to review it, but may do so now. I hope so, because as soon as she does, I’ll link to her review from my blog, so readers can see an altogether different viewpoint. Who’s right, Laurie or me? I’d say neither and both. I’m right for me and Laurie’s right for her. As Michael Allen has pointed out, what gives me pleasure doesn’t necessarily give anyone else pleasure, certainly not everyone else. But two contrasting viewpoints will make discussion of the book richer for everybody." "

One of the many reasons wby blogging is such a great medium.

(Thanks to Jenny Davidson of Light Reading for the link to the Critical Mass post, which I would have got to eventually, but her blog is above the Critical Mass blog in my Bloglines list.)

(I am sure someone will soon start up a collection of links to articles about The Thirteenth Tale, but for now, here are a couple via an earlier Petrona post.)

Link: CRITICAL MASS: Bloggers, Critics, Passionate about Books.

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  1. It took me a few days to find all this stuff, so thanks for tracking it down. Frank’s point about the newspaper audience may well apply to books.

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