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Thanks to Debra’s example and subsequent assistance,  I became an AA (Amazon Associate) as well as an aa (amazonaholic) and created an Amazon store, which is featured somewhere down in the depths of the left-hand sidebar. Click on it and you’ll see what I’m reading and have recently read (nothing there that I can’t recommend) plus recently watched or about to watch. Apparently if you want to buy any of those items and do it by clicking on the image in my store, I get 0.001 p towards an Amazon gift certificate. By the time I’m about 250, I will have accumulated enough money to buy a paperback. I’ll try to remember to update the store now and again, as you can only have nine items in it, so do check it occasionally if you are short of things to read.

But for a more technologically literate experience, please go and look at Debra’s example on the deblog. She has Amazon UK and Amazon Canada stores (not sure why not the USA?) with a little flag on each one. And check out the books she features on it, by "the deblog gang", as she calls it. An impressively creative lot.

2 thoughts on “Amazonaholic associate

  1. See? Not hard at all!
    I kind of wanted a US flag for the top one, but it seemed like it would throw off the sizing…. But maybe I should do it anyway. I do like little flags.

  2. Yikes! I got up this morning to see your comment, Debra, went over to the deblog to take a look and see that not only do you have a USA flag but also a German one! My next challenge: Japanese (if any of the books you feature aren’t translated I can recommend via Jenny the “Fruits Basket” manga series published by Tokyo Pop).

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