Christmas comes early

From today’s Times (news in brief columns, not available online):

Gut reaction

Juliette Piesley called the AA to her home in Addlestone, Surrey, when her car would not start after she renewed the battery in its key fob. The patrolman found that its immobiliser chip was missing. Ms Piesley recalled seeing her Hungarian vizsla eating. They sat the dog in the driving seat — and the car started.

(good story, pity about the style and grammar).

Where Christmas comes early

To the bafflement of its residents, St Austell, in Cornwall, has put up the Christmas lights in its main street three months early. The town’s chamber of commerce said that it normally put the lights up in November but had lost its storage facilities. Townsfolk said that the lights made the town look ridiculous, but Paul Scott, chairman of the chamber, said: "They’re not doing any harm. It saves you a job later when the weather is more inclement."

(picture provided in the print edition, page 23)

9 thoughts on “Christmas comes early

  1. i’m sure they were preparing the x-mas lights in hackney at the weekend too!
    by the way– I’m LOVIN’ the pink!!!

  2. Yes, a few people have told me I am too serious so I am trying to lighten up a bit!
    Well, Hackney — as in “people’s republic of”? I thought they banned xmas lights as too offensive to other religions or something.
    Good to see you over here, Sian, hope all is well with you.

  3. Haven’t noticed any xmas lights going up in my area yet, but they don’t usually make a big fuss here so you’d hardly notice them anyway.

  4. I’ll have a word but it probably won’t do any good. Another town, very close to St Austell, had its light up until March last year! Bit slow on some things down here and a bit premature on others!

  5. But that still leaves that awkward 6 month window – March to September – with no lights. I think it is about time the good people of St Austell were alerted to Happy Juniper day (June 25th)- an important ceremony to some sects and to not celebrate it at all would be offensive in the extreme.

  6. I can see a time rapidly approaching when the Christmas lights are on all year and are taken down on Christmas day only as a special favour to the residents.

  7. Ah but what you might not know is…the reason they put them up so early.
    Apparently, the building that they store the lights in is no longer available, so the solution to the problem was to hang them early!
    A very Cornish sort of story…we hear them all the time down here!!

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