Good things come in threes

Three great new (to me) crime fiction blogs.

Detectives without borders ("because murder is more fun away from home") has an interesting perspective on the David Montgomery "10 best crime books" challenge. Interesting not least because I haven’t read any of the selections, which causes me to raise an eyebrow at myself. I found this blog courtesy of Frank Wilson of Books, Inq. — it is written by a colleague of Frank’s.

The other two discoveries come by way of Euro Crime (a lovely blog originally discovered via Its a crime!):

International Noir Fiction –"reviews and ideas on crime fiction, most outside the US". Lots of great reviews by Glenn Harper, who has even done me the honour of visiting Petrona — thanks, Glenn.

And Crime Scraps — " a few comments and thoughts about crime books set on the mainland of Europe, with titbits about real eurocrime. We hear constantly about crime in the USA that many people imagine Europe is a crime-free zone". (I know, the grammar!) Crime Scraps has some interesting postings but falls foul of Blogging 101 — does not allow comments. Huh!

All three of these blogs exclude the USA crime fiction in their mission statements, although inevitably this is a rule that has been broken.  I wonder why — perhaps there is a view that US crime fiction dominates the genre, I don’t know. Personally I am happy to enjoy a good detective novel wherever it is set and whatever the nationality of the author. But there may be reasons for the European emphasis of which I’m unaware. Maybe I’ll be enlightened via the comments.

But one thing is for sure, with these three crime fiction blogs as well as Euro Crime and It’s a Crime!, I am never going to be short of recommendations of books to read or places to discuss them. And that’s without all the other excellent review blogs (The Rap Sheet, Paperback Mysteries, etc). Just let me clear a few decades in my diary.