Prime minister dearest

Margaret Thatcher’s son, Mark, is being divorced by his wife Diane. In describing her first meeting with Mrs T, Diane says in a magazine interview: "I remember Mark addressed her as Prime Minister. "Prime Minister, this is Diane Burgdorf". I didn’t have to curtsey to her but it was very formal."

I wonder if Mrs T actually was PM at the time, or if the moniker had stuck as a pet name among her family?

Should I take a leaf out of this book and insist that my daughters’ friends address me as "Lady High Petrona"? Hmm, perhaps not.

3 thoughts on “Prime minister dearest

  1. Hmmm – build you own name for positive visualisation …
    From now on I shall be addressed as Gorgeous and Fabulously Successful Bestsellinhg Author who is Adored by her Children and Partner and Never Ever Loses her Temper ….

  2. I get a lot of ‘sack’ and ‘old boot’ myself. That’s o.k., though, because it’s said with great respect!

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