Hermione Granger’s birthday?

According to Bibliophile Bullpen, yesterday (Tuesday 19 September) was Hermione Granger’s birthday. I mentioned this to Jenny, who is sitting opposite me at her computer. She says that nobody knows when Hermione’s birthday is: "it never says in any of the books". I have left a comment on BB to ask how he or she came by the information, but if anyone can enlighten me and Jenny, we’d be very grateful.

5 thoughts on “Hermione Granger’s birthday?

  1. Thanks, Dave, I might have known you would swoop in and save the day.
    Jenny’s honour is satisfied, though, as the link you provide is to JKR’s website, which implies that the date is not mentioned in one of the books. I don’t think that this datum would have passed Jenny by had it been included anywhere.

  2. Yes, Sian– visit the deblog! You couldn’t move there for skulls and crossbones. Bloggers blog did this post of pirate links, there were about 100. What will it be next, international meeow like a cat day?

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