Diversity in the blogosphere

Link: Cognitive Daily: Bloggasm survey of diversity in the blogosphere#more.

"Simon Owens has posted the results of his survey of diversity in the blogosphere at his site Bloggasm.

Here are the results for the blogosphere as a whole:

Male: 69%
Female: 31%
White/Caucasian/European: 73%
Black/African: 9%
Asian: 10%
Middle Eastern/Arab: 1%
Latino/Hispanic: 6%
Native American: 1%"

(see more at the link to Cognitive Daily)

2 thoughts on “Diversity in the blogosphere

  1. Interesting as ever, Maxine. Thanks!
    But his results are based on a fairly small sample ie just those who replied out of the 1000 he contacted. It could be they represent the ones who reply to things like this as opposed to the whole blogosphere!
    Of course this is always the problem with surveys, stats etc …

  2. See what you mean, Debi. He had a sample size of 1000 and 300 responses, so a good response rate for a survey, but a very small sample size and probably all his friends. I agree that you can’t say anything from that. The Pew surveys are probably more representative, I took one once — biased towards the US, but that is where most blogs seem to be — those written in English anyway.

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