Overdue at the library

OWL post has been delivering regularly during my various absences and distractions over the past few weeks, but I have been failing to post the results to Librarian’s Place. Yesterday, courtesy of Jenny’s computer, the balance was redressed. Please do go over and visit for a veritable cornucopia.

I won’t link to all the postings individually here, just go to the homepage (link above and in the right hand vertical bar of Petrona), and scroll down for insights and news about books, libraries, search, wikis, and more.

James of New Tammany College has also kindly provided material for some of the posts.

There are also one or two new links over at Web Writer. I’ll try to update both sites more regularly from now on, so (OWL permitting) there should be new entries on each most days.

Angry powerpoints to Gettysburg

In the process of installing and setting everything up on my new computer, I see that today’s top post on the WordPress blogs is "Death by Powerpoint" on a blog called "Angry 365 days of the year" (whose author, inevitably, is called Mr Angry). I am not sure why everyone has it in for PP, and still am not after reading Mr Angry’s post and many similar. Be that as it may, here is an extract:

"You get over 7 million hits on Google for Death by PowerPoint but my favourite online resource for showing the horrible potential of PowerPoint to destroy a presentation was done by Peter Norvig.  He has constructed a PowerPoint version of one of the most famous speeches in modern history, Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.  This devilspawn software effortlessly reduces one of the most powerful pieces of oratory ever into meaningless drivel with dot points and charts.  Much like every business presentation I’ve ever seen.  Apart from the fact the presentations in question were probably never going to be great oratory in the first place."

The PP Gettysburg sounds intriguing. Maybe I’ll go and look at it one of these days, but I’m still entranced at setting up my pristine, few-hours’-old computer. If you do go there, please drop a line in the comments to say whether it is worth a visit.

Here is a direct link to the Gettysburg PowerPoint Presentation, in case the pasted-in link above does not work.