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Would anyone like a free copy of "Death’s Little Helpers" by Peter Spiegelman? Please let me know in the comments and I’ll send one to you — first come, first served. (I’ll email you in response to your comment to ask you for your postal address.)

Peter Spiegelman’s first book, Black Maps, is an excellent crime fiction novel featuring ex-policeman-turned private detective John March. So good that I purchased his second and, as I thought, third books from Amazon in the same batch. It turned out, however, that Death’s Little Helpers and No Way Home are the same book. My loss is your gain, so please let me know if you’d like a copy.

I think it is a very poor show for a publisher to give a book a different title for the US and UK editions, and not make it clear on Amazon or other websites that the book is the same. If publishers don’t avail themselves of the Amazon "search inside" facility, and most don’t, or add a note to the customer review section, readers are likely to be misled, as I was.

4 thoughts on “Free book

  1. Tell you what Maxine, if I am the first to comment, we’ll be doing a swop! As the only entry in my latest competition, regardless of the superb quality of your thoughts in entering, you get the prize. (Andrew Taylor’s latest in the Lydmouth series in paper back – “Call the Dying”.)
    But do I get the Spiegelman?
    I know what you mean about a change in title. Mark Mills’s “Amagansett” became “The Whaleboat House”, why, I do not know?! But it means that I have a copy to give away in my next competition, should you be interested?
    I have the HB “Amagansett” and two PB copies of “Whaleboat” in my possession. “Whaleboat” is up for grabs in the next comp, and to a worthy home!

  2. This double naming irritates me too, and I’ve fallen into the trap two or three times in the last half year alone.

  3. Another annoying aspect of publishers is when they republish or reissue a previously published book under a different title (usually to “cash in” on some trend that wasn’t fashionable when the book first comes out). I scan the Bookseller most weeks, and there seem to be quite a few of these.

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