Into the Woods


Big day today! Our friend Lyn Gardner’s book Into the Woods arrived! Lyn is our neighbour and mother of two girls the same age as mine. She is drama critic at The Guardian newspaper. Her younger daughter Izzy (Isabelle) is great friends with Jenny. We have been eagerly awaiting the publication date of Lyn’s first novel, aimed at 8- to 12-year-old children. Today was Jenny’s first day at secondary school, and by happy coincidence, Amazon delivered the book today also, so that when Jenny arrived home exhausted but alive, it was awaiting her. She’s been closeted with it since then. The book synopsis is on the continuation page. Please do take a look, give the book to any children of your acquaintance (from Jenny’s feedback so far, it is a safe bet), and spread the word!

Book Description
Three young sisters must defeat the evil Dr DeWilde before he takes control of the whole land with his wicked wolves and monstrous magic – but at what cost? ……….

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