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AOL has made an apology after publishing the search data of 658,000 anonymised users. Intended as a resource for academics, it was removed shortly after launch when it became apparent that visitors could work out who the internet users were based on their search terms. The fiasco has led to calls in the US for legislation to prevent internet companies from storing user data. (Via John Battelle’s searchblog.)

If your blog platform is Blogger (Google) and you want to keep it backed up in case of server failure, this post on Googlified entitled "How to back up your Blogger" won’t tell you how to do that, but will direct you to the Google Answer solution and suggestion board. What the post does do, however, is to point to links telling you how to move your blog to your own hosting software, or to WordPress or Moveable Type (Typepad), if you want more functionality than Blogger offers. I can recommend WordPress and Typepad: the former is free and the latter has a small charge. Both offer the ability to categorise your posts, so that when you archive and/or retrieve them you can do so by subject category as well as by date.

And a trio from Darren of Problogger. "Blogging for money by self-publishing a book"; "Challenges facing young and older blogs"; and "Essential books for bloggers". This last post is a list of links to books in the categories of blogging, copywriting, business, creative thinking, marketing and miscellaneous. I warn you, the list is long. And it doesn’t contain the best book I’ve read on the topic, Grumpy Old Bookman, reviewed at the weekend by Frank Wilson of Books, Inq. and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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