Professor Branestawm

Sweet_machine Not much Internet activity yesterday by me because it was Jenny’s eleventh birthday — a fact I wouldn’t have mentioned on this blog unless the person concerned had asked me to do so. Presents included a bow and arrow set (Robin Hood influence still continues); a paintball gun with many safety instructions including a request not to use it on animals which immediately gave me an idea for how to deter the many pesky cats that hang around in and pollute our garden; and a "build an electric sweet machine". Age 8 and up according to the instructions. Luckily, Jenny has a father who is a professor of science, a qualification that certainly was needed to achieve functionality. Norman Hunter would have been proud of the finished product.

2 thoughts on “Professor Branestawm

  1. Thanks, Susan. She also had another kit, this one an automatic bubble generator. Cathy decided to help with this one, to quote her, “I know how to change a plug as I am doing GCSE physics.” Well, it took her and Jenny about half the time to build the bubble generator as it did Malcolm and Jenny to make the sweet machine, so draw your own conclusions!

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