Magpie’s collection

I was in mid-post when Internet Explorer "encountered a problem and decided to close". I hadn’t kept a draft, so lost it. Will I ever learn?

I’ll just briefly mention what was on it, then, as I can’t bear to recreate everything I wrote in full.

Eurocrime, which has rapidly become one of my top favourite blogs, has the news that Michelle Spring has a new book coming out, The Night Lawyer, her first for five years.

Muderati has a two-for-the-price-of-one that you can’t miss: an Elaine Flinn interview is always great reading in its own right, but this time her subject is the inestimable Sarah Weinman (Confessions of an Idiosycratic Mind and half of Galley Cat).

L. Lee Lowe (Lowebrow) collects some beautiful last lines of novels. You can add your own suggestions in the comments. Lee also comments on the delights of slow reading, a concept with which I agree totally, not least out of necessity (increasing age).

A bit of blogosphere news: UGC (user-generated content) brands are the biggest growing part of the blogosphere. More power to the individual consumer (that’s us — members of the Army of Davinas/Davids). And have you ever wondered what a Blogmobile looks like? Go here if so. Batman has nothing on it.

2 thoughts on “Magpie’s collection

  1. Oof, Maxine! And I was so hoping no one would point out my encroaching decrepitude as a reason for slower reading.

  2. I meant myself, of course, Lee. I am sure that many people find that with increasing age they can think more deeply and reflectively about what they are reading, using their accumulated wisdom;-)

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