Libraries on the web

The Good Library Blog now has a podcast to explain some of the entries. I don’t have volume on my computer, but I would bet that Mrs Ginger Biscuit and Lord Cream Cake are worth a listen.

Public libraries using Web 2.0 technologies are highlighted on Information Wants to be Free. Meredith says, "I know there are a lot of libraries that are doing really exciting things with social software and other technologies and deserve a lot more notice. So which public libraries in the United States do you think are doing the best things with Web 2.0 technologies and why? " Meredith mentions half a dozen or so that she knows, and asks for more. You can bet there won’t be many, if any, from Europe – a suspicion borne out so far by the comments to the post.

More about SixApart’s Vox — a blog with a book library — on Science Library Pad. (SixApart is owner of Typepad, this blogging platform.) As well as providing a very useful overview of Vox, Richard has been posting interesting articles about the Long Tail and Chris Anderson’s book of that name, which he’s reviewed for the journal Nature. Some of these posts are featured on Librarian’s Place, so please go there or to Science Library Pad to read them. Science Library Pad always features interesting articles on technology in science publishing or libraries, for example how university presses might benefit from collaboration with academic bloggers, and the controversial (but could be true) argument that the semantic web dream will never work for two reasons: people lie; and people are lazy (links provided for further explanation!)