Lies, blogs and homework

I haven’t kept up to date with Problogger recently (Darren, who is now a Proparent), so several interesting posts from his blog have accumulated.

Maintaining a blog/life balance has to be a good one. As Darren says, "It’s very easy to allow blogging to overtake one’s life – the computer just sits there in the corner of your home tempting you to come have a look at what’s happening on your blog." Blogaholics can go to the link for advice, not just from Darren but also from 22 (to date) commenters to the post. I was actually planning an evening off blogging tonight as both girls are out at sleepovers. On the way home from work I thought that I’d restrain myself from booting up the computer and watch a DVD. But I can’t believe it, the football season seems to have started already, and Malcolm is watching a Liverpool game (his team, together with Carlisle United). So here I am, but don’t call me obsessed;-)

Well, as Debra and I know, you can never have too many blogs, so here is a good post: Launching a blog: what type of posts are best? Short posts or long posts? Doesn’t really matter, says Darren after weighing up the pros and cons, so long as you "establish credibility and a grasp of your topic."

What’s the biggest lie about blogging? Darren links to a post on which you can add your answers to this question. Someone called Jeremy has made a list of 40 lies, some of which are

13. It’s impossible to make money blogging.
22. Competitors will steal your ideas.
23. You need to be able to write to blog.
32. Too many people are already blogging; you can’t cut through the noise.
36. Bloggers are good looking, funny, and are the life of any party.

Here are "How to ask for an interview for your blog", and "10 tips on how to be interviewed for bloggers".

Finally, "Building a blog community by setting homework for readers."

Great set of posts, Darren, many thanks.

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  1. Thought you’d like that one, my glamorous Bedouin. (This is not an insider comment, just head on over to Inner Minx to see what I mean.)

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