Crime fiction and Harry (again)

Here’s a new(ish) blog: Eurocrime: "snippets about British and European crime fiction" (funny, that, I thought Britain was part of Europe). That caveat aside, it is a good site for those interested in the genre, including a reviews page.

While on crime, Frederick Forsyth has come out of retirement with a book called "The Afghan", as recommended by David Montgomery’s blurb machine. "Thriller master Frederick Forsyth returns from retirement to resume his brilliant career as one of the best writers in the business. The Afghan is a superb post-9/11 thriller, set in a brave, new – and very scary – world." -Crime Fiction Dossier

Fuse#8 has little patience with Cathy or myself. "Get over it", she tells us, Dumbeldore is definitely dead. Not sure if she realises that Oasis’s room is next door to Petrona’s hive of operations — small place that Internet. But Cathy tells me that JKR herself has told the ‘Dumbledore is not Dead’ website that he is mistaken, so I suppose one can’t argue with that. More criticism of poor old Harry is at Original Content (with robust defence in comments). I don’t suppose this will deter those of us who are eagerly awaiting book 7 and the denouement, however.

Polygon 8 August

Polygon puzzle
Using the given letters no more than once, make as many words as possible of three or more letters, always including the central letter. Capitalised words, plurals, conjugated verbs (past tense etc), adverbs ending in LY, comparatives and superlatives are disallowed.

How you rate: 15 words, average; 20, good; 25, very good; 30, excellent.

Click here for rules and tips on how to play Polygon

Source: the Times

Answers on the continuation page.

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