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Fred Kilgour, the founder of the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) has died. At Librarian’s Place is a link to a fascinating obituary of Kilgour, from the OCLC blog "It’s all good".

Librarian’s place now features quite a few articles on Wikipedia, from various perspectives. They are all collected together at this link. Is this giant online, free encyclopaedia the world’s hub of collective knowledge, instantly updated and epitomising the "wisdom of the crowds"? Or fickle and unreliable, no match for academic reference sources?

Web Writer links to an authors’ challenge from Paperback Writer: post an e-book and she will link to it from her excellent blog. (The PBW post also outlines the author’s experience with e-book publishing.)

Polygon 4 August

Polygon puzzle
Using the given letters no more than once, make as many words as possible of four or more letters, always including the central letter. Capitalised words, plurals, conjugated verbs (past tense etc), adverbs ending in LY, comparatives and superlatives are disallowed.

How you rate: 13 words, average; 17, good; 21, very good; 26, excellent.

Source: the Times

Answers on the continuation page.

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