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A few people have remarked on the August silly season, not least Richard Morrison of the Times:

"How are we befuddled newspaper hacks going to get through the summer? Today is only August 1, the traditional start of the silly season. Yet already we seem to have used up our quintessential silly-season space-fillers. In the past fortnight I have already spotted:

— Oh no! Prescott’s running the country!

— Basking sharks spotted off Cornwall

— Ashley Cole may sign for Chelsea

— Reservoirs at lowest levels since the last dry hot summer

— Misery for thousands in M5 gridlock

— Escaped otter terrorises New Zealand

— Drug scandal rocks world of cycling

— Some people feel faint on the Tube

— “A levels too easy,” says politician.

So what’s left to print? "

Petrona to the rescue. I would like to draw your attention, and your blog subscriptions, to two blogs that might well interest you.

First, a tribute blog to "a certain librarian", Librarian’s place, collects together interesting articles from the blogosphere, not least on a placeist theme. Take a look, add to your regular visits.

Second, Web writer draws together useful links on the Internet for writers. Writing technique, how to publish and market, editing tips, and more, can be found via the links collected and categorised on this site.

Please bookmark Web Writer and Librarian’s Place. Interesting links and content guaranteed 😉

I hope to hear what you think of these blogs. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Web Writer and a Librarian’s Place

  1. Ummm, there are basking sharks off Cornwall, they are coming every year now, near The Lizard. Hunking great things with mouths as wide as their bodies. What would be silly would be if the stupid tourists, who insist on hiring boats to get a better look, were sucked in Jonahlike. That would make a silly story!!
    Thanks for the links Maxine, as usual!!

  2. And then there’s the ferry that crashed into a whale…
    Thanks for the links – particularly liked the Librarian one.

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