No posting today

Apologies for lack of posts today. I have spent a day coping with the ramifications of this  Kings Cross fire on Monday (see below somewhere)  — we are still locked out of our building as there is an exclusion zone round our offices. I have just in the last 10 minutes had a phone call from a colleague who has heard that the fire is now out, so the fire brigade can begin to cool down the gas cylinders. (The fire has still been burning all day today, and when they’ve tried to cool the cylinders with water, the water has evaporated in the heat. Cooling can only happen when the fire is out…)

We still have not managed to get all the pages for the 29 June issue passed, though we hope to do so by later tonight. If we can’t get into our building by first thing Thurdsay it is beginning to look grim for the 6 July issue. But this phone call I’ve just had makes it look as if we will get in later on in the afternoon tomorrow (Wednesday).

I am too tired to post anything now. Tomorrow I am out at a meeting all day, and probably offline. I will try to post tomorrow evening if I have any time and energy.

My biggest disappointment in all of this is that I heard Minx had posted a picture of herself on her blog for Pundy’s party, but by the time I could get there she had taken it down. I need something to cheer me up, Minx, so relent!

My best wishes to you all. Good night, hope to see you tomorrow.

(PS Jenny, or Jenii, has finally posted on her blog after a period of being a bit low — it is a competition to design a football strip. Please comment if you can!)

5 thoughts on “No posting today

  1. It sounds like a hellish week you’re having, Maxine! You know the old joke…
    “a voice came to me saying ‘Cheer up, things could be worse’, so I cheered up and sure enough, things got worse!”
    I hope you can get something positive out of this nightmare.

  2. Poor you. It’s times like this that make you feel London is not such a good place to be …
    We’re just coming up to the first anniversary of 7/7. I was caught up in Aldgate on that day. When I heard about the fire yesterday I immediately zapped into wondering if we were hearing the truth or if it was something else …
    All that really matters is that you’re safe. Not that I’m undermining the frustration and stress!

  3. We got our copy of Nature in the office yesterday– big well done on getting it together! (And the peer review debate on top of that–it’s looking great)

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