Polygon 22 June

Polygon puzzle
Using the given letters no more than once, make as many words as possible of four or more letters, always including the central letter. Capitalised words, plurals, conjugated verbs (past tense etc), adverbs ending in LY, comparatives and superlatives are disallowed.

How you rate: 9 words, average; 12, good; 15, very good; 19, excellent.

Click here for rules and tips on how to play Polygon.

Source, the Times

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3 thoughts on “Polygon 22 June

  1. fils, fist, flit, flutist, fusil, lift, list, lutist, sift, silt, silty, slit, slitty, sluit, stilt, suit, tilt, tulsi
    stultify is the word using all the letters (Susan, if you didn’t get this, I don’t think I did either. I certainly did not get tulsi or sluit, what on earth do they mean?)

  2. So-so today, Maxine. I got 12 and I did get stultify. However, I missed fils, flutist, fusil, tulsi, lutist, slitty and sluit.
    I couldn’t find ‘tulsi’ in my dictionary (a large, very reliable volume). Sluit has a South African Dutch origin (sloot – meaning, ditch) and means a deep dry gulch or channel formed by erosion due to heavy rains. I think it’s fairly certain that our ‘sluice’ comes from the same root.
    I was ready to cry foul on ‘fils’ as a foreign word but it squeaked through because it is also a type of coin.

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