Books of weeks and days

I’ve discovered a new (to me) blog via the comments on Another 52 Books. The blog is called A Book a Week, written by Becky, and began the month before Petrona. Becky says: "I read mostly literary fiction, occasional non-fiction, some mysteries, and a few fantasy novels". One example, discussing Unlocking the Air, by Ursula le Guin, is here. Here is a good post comparing some bookish blogs: about books, blogs and websites

No disrespect to the amazingly voracious reader Beth/Mapletree7 ("I live to read"), of whom I am in awe owing to the title of her blog Book of the Day, I am more of the pace of Becky these days (since starting blogging!), of reading a book a week (on average). Becky also has the same problem as Jo of Another 52 books, James of New Tammany College, me and doubtless many of the rest of us, of a TBR pile longer than life itself (in my case, certainly). Solutions include The Death of my Library Card and book diets (they don’t work). I look forward to reading more of Becky’s blog.

3 thoughts on “Books of weeks and days

  1. I am not weird!
    Thanks for this link, I’ll add it to the other million or so that you have sent my way!
    Thanks for the lovely comments yesterday, you are a true friend Maxine and camping sounds great. What a laugh that would be!!

  2. Welcome back, Sian, have not seen your name for a while — we need you over at Deblog for that Daily Set, I have been scoring pathetically recently.
    No, Minx, I don’t think you are weird at all — this is not an adjective I would associate with you. Will creative, untamed and warm-hearted do for a start?

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