Myspace goes book

While on the subject of Richard and Science Library Pad, I wanted to mention a posting of his about My Space and Technorati books. It is a good post, so do read it. I checked out My Space books and find that a top book recommendation is "Hairstyles of the Damned", closely followed by "Smashed: the Story of a Drunken Girlhood". Sounds awesome. However, the bestselling list is distressingly more boring, headed up by the dreaded DVC. There are also featured reading groups, including an Oscar Wilde group (1,112 members). There are 4,546 members of a book group called "the fiction files", 1,135 members of another one called "choke on words". Maybe MySpace is on to something.

Incidentally, for the geeks among us, Richard has a clever post about his visitor stats on his (Typepad) blog; he has activated a feature that allows him to track almost 200 subscribers he didn’t know he had. Links provided at the post.