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The ultra-cool Tribe has been featuring a running commentary on the World Cup on his blog, which has been great for me because I have been venting about the whole thing in the comments. And he very graciously has said he doesn’t mind. He has been doing great on the commentaries, apart from one outburst of frustration at England for making heavy weather of it. I am not a football fan, but even I know that the whole point of English football, and indeed any sport involving an English team or player, is to make the absolute heaviest weather of it you can — if you want fluency, grace, power and style, watch Brazil (soccer), West Indies or Australia (cricket), anyone but us (tennis) etc. If you want agony, missed chances, unfulfilled potential — watch us. Playing badly enough for a 0-0 draw to look good and then scoring against Trinidad & Tobago in the 85th minute is just spot-on for England. Pity they blew it by scoring a second before the end. (They were both spiffing goals, actually.)

Tribe’s blog is more usually about film, zines, noir fiction and other stuff, including postings about his own writing and Mrs Tribe’s (she recently published a very good review of the movie Cars). For some reason, Tribe and Skint Writer remind me of each other when I read what they both write about the writing process; I wonder if they have ever encountered each other?

The main reason I am writing about Tribe’s blog today is to mention his post More Silents. I don’t suppose I will ever watch these movies, but just take a look at the wonderful posters that Tribe features. Fantastic art – decadent, menacing and lush. And if you like what you read (you probably will) click on the category "film" and read some of the other reviews there.

Tribe’s blog main page.

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  1. Very interesting page…is that really Garbo on the “Gosta Berling” poster?! It doesn’t look anything like the Garbo of later years.

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