Clare left a very nice comment recently on an old post of mine in which I showed a photo taken by Malcolm one evening last winter, of what he saw when he came in from work. Susan asked to see it, so here it is — very dark I am afraid. One thing I get for my $4.95 (about £2) a month I pay Typepad for this blog, it seems, is a "photo album" complete with tagging. So here is a link to the picture on my album, where you can see my other pictures too.  I used to be a very keen photographer, BC (before children), with my Pentax SLR, many lenses and home developing kit (us 150-year-olds predate digital of course.). When Cathy was about 4 I left my camera in the playground one day, and it was stolen. I have never organised myself into getting another camera and taking up photography again; one of those time things I suppose. Nowadays, Cathy and Jenny each have their own digital camera after years of those disposable ones from Boots, so I tend to rely on them to take pictures of things I like — mainly because it seems as if you need a degree to operate the darn camera. Maybe I will start again with photography, as since I have started blogging I have seen so many lovely pictures on people’s blogs. Anyway, for now, here is a fairly typical image of life where I live.


5 thoughts on “Photography

  1. I’m so glad you posted it, Maxine! What lovely girls you have and the back of your head is gorgeous! Seriously, I think that’s one of the attractions of blogs, getting just a peek into the lives of the people you come across. I don’t know if photos slow the process down, sludge up the works so to speak, but if they don’t, I fully intend to keep adding pictures to my blog.
    And, Maxine, don’t be afraid for one minute to try the digital camera! It is so easy to use – much more so than the older cameras. You know how inept I am with modern gizmos…even I am able to use a digital camera with ease, download to the computer and upload to the blog. If I can do it, a trained monkey could!

  2. Brilliant picture. At our house me and the other half sit side by side on the sofa, each plugged into our own laptops!

  3. Love the picture. And Susan’s right, the digital camera is so easy to use (and that’s from a technophobe like me).

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