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Darren Rowse at Problogger (he of the "how to make money out of your blog")  has been posting some useful items over the past couple of weeks.

First, what is the goal of your blog? (Don’t ask me that!). Darren initiated a group writing project in which he asked his readers (other bloggers) to write a post on their blogging goals. "Be as creative as you’d like – take it in any direction you want from writing a long list of your own blogging goals, through to sharing just one or two of them. You can write it in any form you like (last time we had poems, rants, humorous posts etc)."  He has collected together links to all the results (I noted Minx’s and Pundy’s friend Tillerman among them) in three posts: post 1; post 2; and post 3. I haven’t read them yet (probably never will as it would take an age), but they could provide a psychological snapshot of the range of motivations that cause people to start up a blog. The post titles range from the businesslike to the bizarre.

Ever thought about an email newsletter as well as a blog? Darren has two posts on this topic. One, "How many emails get through?"  is a comparison of various service providers for sending bulk emails, with statistics about how many emails get through and how many rejected as spam by the recipient. Well my perspective (as a victim) is "I hope 100 per cent":  wrong mindset for "making money out of my blog", obviously. However, Darren’s next post is a bit more subtle, "Email newsletters more emotionally engaging than websites". As the study on which he reports discussed only emails and websites, and not blogs, I am not surprised at the conclusion. As well as discussing the study, Darren’s post contains "how to" information for email newsletters, including news feeds (rss) for those interested in exploring the medium.

Had enough of blogging? Want to kill your blog and get your life back? Well there is a good way and a bad way to do it, apparently. "How to kill your blog successfully: factors to consider" is worth a read before pulling the plug. If you’re still determined to do it after reading that, then go to "How to kill your blog successfully: the methods."

Assuming you are carrying on blogging ;-), does frequency of posting matter? This is a very good posting, listing 10 or so pros or cons to frequent posting. There are some very good points in here.

Two final posts on Problogger for today. One is called "Why bloggers blog", a topic of perennial interest in the blogosphere. Stimulated by articles in the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, Darren links to a number of his articles about getting started on blogging, what a blog is, how to make money from your blog, etc. And second, No-one links to the linkers. If your blog simply links to posts on other people’s without "adding value", you won’t get an audience, is the basic message. Self-evident, maybe, but I enjoyed reading the post.

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  1. This is a very interesting series of links, Maxine! I spent at least an hour following them. I’m only just now starting to comprehend the scope of blogging. Amazing!

  2. Whoa, so much!
    I pop over to pro-blogger quite often – thanks to you. Very informative without being to technical.

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