Nirvana Bites

Nirvana Bites by Debi Alper.

Janet Evanovitch gets political. (That sentence is a David Montgomery blurb machine sentence.) The magnetic (or do I mean charismatic? both, I think) Debi Alper has written a crime caper with a sharp edge, in which sexual perversions are mashed up with a South London commune to create a mystery that zings along. I have lived a very boring life for many years now, so can’t remember if communes really exist like the idyllic and supportive group portrayed here — the couple of times I have lived that way people kept nicking the milk out of the fridge — but one can hope that in an alternative universe to the one I find myself in,  young people abandoned or abused by their biological families can find this kind of home.

Social comment aside, Nirvana Bites features a witty detective story with a difference (stapled fish, anyone?), a client with a serious metal fetish, an appealing heroine and assorted bizarre London lowlife. I have my serious doubts about those south Londoners after reading this book — no wonder taxis are reluctant to go there after 11 p.m.

Debi’s second book, Trading Tatiana, has just been reviewed very positively in Mystery Woman magazine.


2 thoughts on “Nirvana Bites

  1. Oh, Maxine. You are truly a star of the first order. Thank you so much!
    It’s been a bit of a mad week (often is down here in Sarf London) and I’ve had little blogging space so have only just come across this.
    I am truly grateful to you for your generosity of spirit.
    Incidentally, Nirvana is a co-op rather than a commune, in that everyone has their own flat so the milk issue doesn’t arise …

  2. I have it on my TBR shelf so will hopefully be reading it in the not too distant future. After reading your review, I’m looking forward to it more than ever.

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