Books, bards and gadgets

Racing against the clock here, a few little gems from the blogs:

Google has a Shakespeare page! You can search the full text of some of his plays (or "books" as Google and friends call them), and link to some resources. One of said resources says "To watch Shakespeare in action, check out Google video". The mind boggles.

Moving smartly from the ancient to the modern, gadgets, smadgets, which to choose? If you are me it is easy, don’t bother. An Internet connection is all you need — for the rest, pen and paper is just fine.  However, I appreciate that others differ and love all the many shiny little things on offer these days, but which actually work? One person who knows is the Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine, Chris Anderson, who has revealed on his blog The Long Tail what is in his gadget bag. I don’t notice any of those computer-folded-up bits of paper in there, but I reckon Chris is a pretty reliable guide as to what’s in and what works.

Finally, from this post, some readable musings on Chekhov’s Mistress about that perennial topic, making money out of your blog vs the love of writing, in a post called "Get Rich Quick: Litblog Amazonia". There is a book promotion involved, but even so the post is worth a read, I think.


3 thoughts on “Books, bards and gadgets

  1. thanks for the link to that Chekhov bloke, that’s a nice post, and clever in self-promotion terms as well.
    Another perspective to add to the pile.

  2. Google seems to be coming up with things every two seconds– I can’t keep up. Quite liked this page– very useful for homework I’m sure, so have bookmarked it for next time Dylan needs to write an English essay!

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