A good woman

Here is a lovely post, Stand By Me: How we can help each other, by Pari Noskin Taichert over at Murderati. Pari is a published author (The Clovis Incident and The Belen Hitch). Pari, who I already know is an extremely nice woman, asks:

"How do I support my fellow authors, my friends in this industry? How can I encourage new authors/writers? How to do all of this while still plugging away at my own craft and the marketing thereof?"

She goes on to list ten (read them!) practical ways in which authors can help each other, ending:

"To me, it’s important to try to see beyond our own careers and to be positive citizens in our mystery community. If we do, we’ll strengthen our genre and create goodwill every step of the way.

Please, if you have other ideas about how we can support each other, post it here. We can all learn from your experience. I know I’m ready for more ideas."

What a generous post and what a wonderful person. Please read Pari’s posting, it is so —–heartwarming!

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  1. Thanks for this one Maxine, great link to very normal, generous person. I don’t feel so much like one of the great un-washed!!

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