Still smarting about Google

While on technology, here is a list of ten products Google should develop.

Google TV

Google Recommender

Google Barcode

Google Genetics

Google Storage

Google Pen

Google Billboards

Google Sing and Draw Search

Google Travel

All details and screenshots provided at the link.

I suppose with all that on (;-) ), no wonder they are too busy to keep Blogger working.

(link via Googlified, which also links to a list on Google operating system blog of 10 Google products "that do not carry the famous Google label: beta". Go here for the gory details. Blogger is number 7:

7. Blogger
It was the most popular blogging, until MSN Spaces became the leader. It was a cool place to read blogs until spammers invaded the teritory. It was one of the blogging pioneers, until Blogger stopped innovating.

Well he said it, not me.)

Categories of animals

From 43 folders, a lovely post referring to a Chinese encyclopaedia, the Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge.”

"For your consideration, friends, the fourteen kinds of animals:

  1. those that belong to the Emperor,
  2. embalmed ones,
  3. those that are trained,
  4. suckling pigs,
  5. mermaids,
  6. fabulous ones,
  7. stray dogs,
  8. those included in the present classification,
  9. those that tremble as if they were mad,
  10. innumerable ones,
  11. those drawn with a very fine camelhair brush,
  12. others,
  13. those that have just broken a flower vase,
  14. those that from a long way off look like flies. "

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