Happily never after

What is it with Blogger these days? I can’t comment on any Blogger posts; "page not found" was coming up earlier this evening, now it is an official "down for maintenance" message. It will give everyone a break from my late-night ramblings.

A non-Blogger blog, Galleycat, reports that someone has had a great (?) idea: e-book epilogues. Avon publishers are going to sell, for $1.99 each, 30-page e-epilogues for two books by bestselling romance author Julia Quinn. So now you don’t have to wonder what happened to the characters after the book is over.

Does this mean we can look forward to more "tacked on endings" like the US addition to last year’s Pride and Prejudice?

9 thoughts on “Happily never after

  1. Hi Maxine,
    It’s horrible when the technology takes over and you can’t do what it is you want/need.
    It’s like a need has been created but then the means of satisfying it are removed or are tantalisingly out of reach. Torture! Hope it sorts itself soon or Minx will send the Blog Squad round to give it a good kicking.

  2. What was the US addition to Pride and Prejudice? Several people have alluded to it but I haven’t seen the film. I’m racking my brain trying to imagine anything they could possibly have added on – the original seemed perfect as it was.

  3. I’ll do more than that Debi – I’ll leave blogger and sue for blogimony.
    Aaagh, going clazy, clazy now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hello Carla, the US ending can be seen in the extra features of the (UK) DVD, if you are interested. It featured a post-wedding Mr Darcy and Elizabeth sitting on the terrace at night, he was wearing a funny kind of shirt/dress thing, and they were, er, I think “canoodling” is the only word I can think of to describe it. The worst thing about it was not so much the scene itself but the rather grating dialogue that went with it. But, essentially, you get the famous kiss if you watch it.
    Blogger is a right pain in the neck — still down for maintenance! I can’t tell Jenny I have found Maid Marian in her mini-room! I do agree with Minx that it is just torture to create this huge demand and then not maintain it — how dare they? As you say Skint it is not as if they are short of a bob or two.
    At least those of us who don’t have blogger blogs are benefiting by having more comments than usual!
    But I would recommend a WordPress blog to anyone– they are free — Cathy, Jenny and I have all set up WordPress blogs recently and they are trouble free. They feature an automatic way to import your blogger blog so you don’t lose your content. And you get categories!

  5. Seconded on the WordPress blog Maxine. Blogger’s still down, and I had so much to comment on, but now the moments have passed.

  6. Grr, wanted to change something, Blogger really sending me up tonight. I’m going to have a look at WordPress too!

  7. Yes, Skint, if your brain is like mine (once large, now empty) you really do need to comment at the moment you read the post or the thought has gone for ever — wish I was young again!
    Lee, take a look at Jenny’s, Cathy’s and my WordPress blogs linked to under “Maxine’s sites” in Petrona sidebar — they are all rather different in design so you can get an idea of the variety. Also Sian uses it for Ichabod is Itchy. And I am sure Skint uses it in some incredibly clever way, becuase his blog looks like a WordPress template but actually is much more functional and has loads of nice features in it of which I am very envious — ooops, must not use the e word 😉 Envious in the nicest possible way, Skint!

  8. I use the same program as WordPress use on their own sites but host it on my own domain and webspace. The nice people at WordPress give it away for nothing.
    Then you can add ‘plugins’ for any fancy feature you want, not sure if this works for blogs hosted by WordPress themselves though.

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