English assignment completed

Cathy has finished her English assignment, which was to tell a well-known myth, legend, parable or other story from the point of view of a minor character. Everyone made great suggestions, but some were sadly ruled out because the viewpoint had to be from a living thing (I found out later). Another aspect that I didn’t realise when I posted about this project is that the writer has to tell the story in such a way that the reader does not guess it until the latest possible moment.

Cathy has posted her completed essay on her blog Oasis. She has asked me to thank everyone for the suggestions and tips, and would like you to read the completed essay. Please go and visit Oasis, and let her know in the comments (if Blogger will let you) if and when you guessed.

Thank you, everyone, for the interest in this project. The earlier Petrona posting about it is here. I suggest you don’t read that though, before you read the completed assignment on Oasis.

6 thoughts on “English assignment completed

  1. I tried to leave a message on Oasis but couldn’t because I don’t have a blogger account. I thought the essay was great– Cathy did a really good job of making the reader sympathise with the minotaur.

  2. Bleh. I’ve tried to post a comment to Cathy’s blog but Blogger won’t let me …lovely story. I’ll try again later.

  3. I am dying here, blogless! can’t get onto other ‘bloggers’ and can’t leave comments. Just testing to see if this is the case with you posh blogs!!

  4. Thanks, Lee, Minx and Sian — Cathy will be so disappointed as she really wants your feedback so please “try again later” on her blog if you can bear it.
    Sian, I think it is Blogger not you. You just have to speak firmly to Blogger (when it is working) and don’t stand any nonsense, and you can comment as “other” or “anonymous”, you don’t need a blogger account or, despite Susan’s experience, need to start a blog to comment on a blogger blog (though I am very glad Susan did start a blog!).
    Sian I miss you already! Hope you are OK. You can’t imagine what the past 2 days have been like or maybe you can, but it is all there as I hope you’ve seen, even though I barely am.
    Minx, have you considered WordPress? It is free (unlike Typepad), not posh, easy to import your content automatically from blogger (they have a little button for it), you can have black backgrounds and category tags. If you are interested, I can help you or even better maybe Sian will, as she has a WordPress blog and is a technical suprema. Hope to see you back soon in any event.

  5. It is definitely Blogger acting up today. I’ve also had trouble updating my own blog.

  6. The problems must be just Blogger acting up, because it let me leave a comment today with no complaints at all.

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