What do bloggers look like?

Bloggers I often wonder what we all look like, as we blogommunicate with flying words to and from each other. A few of us post pictures of ourselves on our blogs but many of us don’t; we are a retiring crew.

Or are we? Via John Baker’s blog, perhaps not! Yes, you can buy the bloggers’ T-shirt (see John’s posting and Threadneedles, the site selling the shirts and featuring the delectable models above). I was more keen on the gloves worn by  the dude in shades, but they don’t seem to be listed.

Double thanks, Frank

A double thank you to Frank Wilson, first for asking me to review Donna Leon’s latest, Through a Glass Darkly. The review is published today. I highly recommend the book. Frank also links to an interview with the author by the Philadelphia Inquirer’s music critic, as well as to the other PI weekend reviews. 

Coincidentally, I have just finished reading The Hard Way by Lee Child, the latest Jack Reacher novel, not yet available in the UK but kindly sent to me by the very generous Frank. If you like Jack Reacher you will know exactly what to expect, as the formula is exactly the same as the other books. By fluke, Jack stumbles across a serious situation on page 1 of chapter 1 (in this case a kidnapping), gets called in to help, finds out that all is not what it seems, is very tough and cool, has brief romance (this time with "older woman"), realises he was wrong in his deductions and has to re-think the whole premise, ends up alone for the final showdown, after which he rides off into sunset and next year’s book.

The strange thing about these Lee Child books is that although I almost always guess the plot twists in advance (once you realise the formula this isn’t difficult as there is only a limited number of permutations), the outcomes are predictable and I am not in general a fan of tough-guy fiction, they are completely addictive and compulsive.

My deep thanks to Frank Wilson, a kind and true gentleman of the blogosphere.