Vox is announced

You may have read over the past few days about a new SixApart service called Vox. (SixApart is the owner of Typepad, hoster of Petrona, and the more functional Moveable Type, used by many professional company blogs).

In a nutshell, Vox is a service that lets you keep a blog confidential to your friends and family, rather than allowing it to be viewed by the whole world. It also offers, or will offer, numerous other features, including picture tagging.

Vox  will be officially launched later this year or early next, but please go to the link if this sounds as if it is just the thing you have been waiting for. The web/tech community (Tim O’Reilly, Steve Rubel et al.) have given it rave reviews, so it will be good.

4 thoughts on “Vox is announced

  1. Thanks for this. I’ve only recently decided to shut down my day-to-day blog for the very reason that too many people I knew personally had stumbled upon it…

  2. Project Comet = VOX

    Only last week I discussed Project Comet, a Web2.0 blogging platform by Sixapart. A quick check today reveals that Project Comet is now called VOX – and although the site says preview, they already moved it to its proper domain…

  3. It seems that Vox is the new name for the previously announced “Project Comet” from SixApart. Their demo was mainly about making blogging easy, but the Vox site is more about the ability to make the blog private. You can watch the demo (Flash video), if you don’t mind watching someone demonstrating “this is easy enough for my mom” by using their actual mother.

  4. Thanks, Richard. I am sure you are right about Project Comet being Vox, as several of the blogs and sites where I read about Vox mentioned this. There is a limit to the amount of tecchy stuff I can write on Petrona before the blog police complain! Must go and look at that mother sometime. Thanks for coming over.

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