Pastors, newspapers and soccer

Taking advantage of a day’s holiday from work (half-term), and of the girls being busy at the moment, I thought I’d mention a few articles or links to sites that have caught my interest over the past few weeks.

On a weblog called Not Your Typical Pastor’s Wife, Amy describes herself thus: "it’s a weird existence. There’s no way to be the wife of the pastor without being The Pastor’s Wife. I make myself feel more important by thinking it’s a lot like being The First Lady—like, if your husband is the President of the United States, the chances of you enjoying a quiet, uninterrupted, private life are virtually nil." But although without the perks, there are compensations. The blog is one of those that gives you a very good picture of the author and her life as you read her posts, and I like it. One of the quirky touches is the "debt check" feature on the main page:  "We’ve been paying off $25,047.93 since 1.1.06. Click here to check our progress!" Wonder whether to follow suit and post the amount of my mortgage, in the hope of raising donations?

A new group project is Nightcap Syndication, an open-source, online newspaper. You can submit any blog posting for publication. "Anything cogent, well argued, interesting, different. Short stories, humour (yes, you can tell from that u that we started in the UK) news, opinion, editorial style pieces, travel, cartoons, crosswords: all of the normal things you would find in a newspaper unconstrained by space. We expect pieces to have already been published elsewhere, probably on the writer’s own blog." NS does not pay for the articles it publishes, but syndicates them. It seems to have impressive functionality, and a reader ranking system. More details on the NS site — well worth checking out. Incidentally, the link earlier in the paragraph is to the NS "what we are about" page (written by the ubiquitous Tim Worstall, editor of 2005:Blogged). The Nightcap Syndication home page is linked here.

Finally for this post, I suppose a few people may have noticed that a football tournament is about to start.  According to Google Operating System, Google will show the results live. I cannot bear to check this out further, but the link is here for anyone interested in this primaeval sport.