Precis of a precis to the future

What will you be doing in 2020? What will we all be doing? For some of us the answer is obvious, but that aside, there are people whose profession it is to think about this sort of question, and who produce the odd doorstop now and again to remind us all of their activity.

Usually I would have neither the energy nor the expertise to deconstruct these worthy documents. But, thanks to David Rowan in Saturday’s Times magazine, I am going to bring you a meta-precis of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s "Forecasting 2020" report, written by 1,656 business executives and 96 pages long. (A meta-precis is a precis of a precis. If you have never heard the term before it is because I have just made it up.)

Here is my summary of David Rowan’s excellent summary of what it will be like in 2020:

  • There will be more of us and we will be an older population.
  • This means ‘the grey wallet’ — businesses will be targeting the oldies instead of chasing the youth market.
  • Personal chemistry: with machines running everything, the human touch will give businesses an advantage (more power to the bloggers)
  • Healthcare will boom — lots of products and services for the ageing population and associated diseases
  • Local energy generation via distributed power
  • Rise of the creative company — ‘knowledge workers’ will become a company’s strongest asset, and employees/potential employees can expect lots of ‘creativity audits’.

OK, that’s it. The Times does not seem to put its Saturday magazine online. The source reference is: D. Rowan, "The next big thing: life in 2020" Times Magazine, p. 10;  27 May 2006.