No sudoku 30 May

Nerd alert. Creatives are let off from reading on.

I think the sudoku site is, like me, having a bank holiday, as yesterday’s puzzle is still up. So no new link today.

I completed yesterday’s (29 May) easy killer in 12 minutes with three interruptions. Did not do the interactive.

Phil, your time is excellent if you have not done killer sudokus before. I am a very sad person who has been doing one a day since Nov 2004 (on the train on the way to work). Killers were added to the Times back page a year or so ago, upping my daily dose to two.

A good tip for killers is that every large square (of 9 subunits) adds up to 45. So on the 29 May killer, for example, the large square in the centre of the left-hand column has to have a 9 as the "odd square out" (on the right-hand side of the single "6" square).